Family sessions are some of our favorite shoots to do here at the studio. The smiles, the laughter, the silly faces, the secret handshakes - it means so much to us to be able to capture the essence of a family when we do a family portraits session. Photographing Anya and her three children in our studio was such a lovely experience. Watching kids bond with their parents or witnessing some sweet sibling bonding always melts our hearts, and Anya and her family of three were such a treat to photograph throughout the session. 

In-studio Family Session With Anya And Her Family

Anya and her children came to the studio as part of a promotion that we were running. We had just received a new backdrop in the studio - the brick wall - and were offering a free family portrait to test out the look of the new backdrop. The family was really excited for the session, and we were just as excited to photograph them. 

The new brick wall backdrop was beautiful and offered a different look for the family portraits. We had a lot of fun photographing Anya and her family and taking photos of the children goofing around together, so we ended up taking two sets of photos - one in the main shooting area and one with the new backdrop.

All three kids were very relaxed and well-behaved. They were all smiling and laughing, and made it so easy for us to take their portraits. Anya's children were so adorable and natural during the shoot. We loved how they were posing for their portraits so effortlessly. The youngest one had some really fun poses that we just couldn't resist capturing. They truly loved being in front of the camera. And we always love it when our little models come prepared!  

The family portraits session was filled with laughter and silly moments, some of which we got to capture on camera too! We remember when we were done that everyone had giant smiles on their faces, and that’s what we strive for as professional photographers. As long as our clients are having fun during their photo shoot, we know we are doing something right! We're so glad we were able to capture those moments for them, and we hope these photos will serve as a memory of the happy times all four of them shared together.

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Thank you, Anya, for trusting us with your family portraits. We look forward to working with you guys again! 

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