Eleni and Jesse visited the studio the other day to review their photography needs and wedding plans. At the end of the visit, I had to take a few portraits of this loving couple. I am looking forward to capturing thier wedding memories. 

I like to meet with a couple to get to know them so that they will feel comfortable in front of my camera. I don’t want the wedding day to be the first time a bride and groom see me behind my camera. That is why I meet with a couple for a Save the Date image at the initial wedding photography consultation and for a special bride and groom portrait about a week before the wedding date. Every image I capture becomes another picture chronicling their story. The story and the photography, like you, begins long before the wedding date. 

About Ken’s Portrait Photography 

The aim of Ken’s Portrait Photography is to capture the artistic imagery of the authentic you. I want to create an image of you that is a warm, expressive, genuine, natural and artistic expression of who you really are. I have a genuine, detailed, and artistic approach to photography. I would be grateful to have a conversation about your photography needs. 

Contact me at ken@kensportraits.com or at (518) 618-2064 so we can capture some of your moments and memories for sharing.

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