The Evolution of Grooms Man by Ken's Portrait Photography is a great and fun image that emulates the famous Evolution of Man chart.

The Evolution of Grooms Man was a great and fun image that I captured at a wedding I photographed in mid-2018. I was with the groom and groomsman waiting for the bridal party to arrive. The groom and groomsmen were trying out different poses. They wanted to emulate the famous Evolution of Man chart, they posed, and I captured this great image. 

Everyone loved the playful nature of the original The Evolution of Grooms Man that was posted on my website and on my Instagram account. So it was natural to select this image as one of the images to submit to the Professional Photographers of America 2018 International Photographic Competition. The International Photographic Competition (IPC) is where photographers from all over the world engage in fierce competition for professional bragging rights. In fact, the IPC is so intense that it actually involves 2 rounds of judging.

I made some adjustments to the original image that I had created from the primary wedding photograph to prepare the image for competition entry. The image went through several adjustments and refinements to make it ready. The end result is the award-winning silhouette image you see above.

The Evolution of Grooms Man was judged by the Professional Photographers of America 2018 International Photographic Competition to be a Merit Award Winner. So here I am claiming my professional bragging rights!

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