A wedding brings everyone together to celebrate a new beginning in a couple’s life, and every celebration is an opportunity to create stunning photographs that will be cherished by the newlyweds and their loved ones forever. From excitement and anticipation to tears of joy, there’s nothing quite like the honor of capturing these precious moments on camera. Faith and Luke’s wedding at Franklin Plaza was just such an awesome event and we absolutely loved photographing the couple and their loved ones. Everybody was so amazing and it was evident that Faith and Luke were very important to so many people. 

The Couple’s Memorable Save The Date Photo Shoot

Before giving you a glimpse into Faith and Luke’s wedding, here are our favorite memories from when they reached out to us to photograph their save the dates. Styled in comfortable outfits, Faith and Luke were such naturals in front of the camera, lovingly smiling and having the time of their lives. Hopping from one place to another, we walked around downtown Troy, New York, taking some great photographs of the lovely couple enjoying the historic part of town. 

Our absolute favorite moment while photographing Faith and Luke was when the couple shared a sweet kiss in the middle of a street! The couple recreated the famous V-J (Victory over Japan) Day Kiss, where a photo of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square made waves all over the world in 1945. With a mix of fun and iconic poses, we absolutely enjoyed photographing these two adventurous lovebirds. 

Faith And Luke’s Wedding At Franklin Plaza

For us, Faith and Luke’s wedding was exciting and different, not only because their wedding was so well-planned but also because of their wedding party size! The bride and groom had such a wonderful family and group of friends and they wanted as many people as possible to be part of their wedding day. Luke and Faith went all-out and had a total of eleven groomsmen and ten bridal attendants. And as soon as we met all of these fantastic people, we knew that Faith and Luke’s wedding was going to be a one-of-a-kind event. 

We began Faith and Luke’s wedding photography by capturing all the getting ready moments. From the bridesmaids taking selfies to the groomsmen goofing off with Luke, there were so many fun moments to capture. One of our favorite pictures from their wedding day was when the groomsmen and bridesmaids stood in a line - girls facing boys - and smiled for the camera as the girls pinned boutonnieres on the groomsmen’s coats. It was such a unique idea and we were delighted to freeze it in time for Faith and Luke. 

Luke and Faith’s wedding ceremony took place in a beautiful church, and there were so many people present who supported them on their journey of love and togetherness. Styled in a gorgeous wedding dress with a dazzling tiara and veil on her head, Faith looked like a real-life princess! Meanwhile, Luke looked handsome in his white bow tie as he stood at the altar waiting for his lovely bride. As the ceremony continued, Luke and Faith exchanged vows and sealed their marriage with a sweet kiss.

After the ceremony, we took some group pictures outside Franklin Plaza - an exquisite hotel  and event space located in downtown Troy, New York - and Luke and Faith couldn’t have found a more gorgeous wedding venue. Plus, the staff were extremely professional and accommodated everyone’s needs. The bridal party was so much fun to photograph, with everyone goofing around and making silly faces.

Luke and Faith’s wedding reception was nothing short of luxurious. The room had massive chandeliers decorated with flowers and a curtained wall set up with twinkling fairy lights. Luke and Faith swayed to the music as they had their first dance as husband and wife. And as the night progressed, so did the festivities! Guests watched in excitement as Faith tossed her bouquet and the bridesmaids rushed to catch it. It was an unforgettable night full of dancing and laughter which will certainly be treasured forever. 

Weddings With Ken Clough Photography

Luke and Faith, thank you for choosing us as your wedding photographers. Your wedding was filled with lasting memories and we had a blast capturing all your special moments. We wish you both a happy married life and look forward to photographing your future milestones. Congratulations once again!

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Second Shooter Shout-Out

1. Videographer: Aidan Clough

2. Second Photographer: Asante Holder

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1. Venue: Franklin Plaza

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