I have received so many great compliments and comments on the new “Old Masters” background that is now in my studio. Most ask if it is a backdrop. It is a wall that I painted in my studio to look like a traditional “Old Masters” backdrop. Because I have received so many good compliments and questions about how I created the look I wanted to share some photographs of the wall in its various stages. I did not want to purchase another backdrop but I wanted that “Old Masters” look for my images. I went to the local big box hardware store and purchased several pints of mismatched tinted paint. I was not concerned about the exact colors and shades to be used in the background. I was more interested in how the colors interplayed and complemented each other. 

Old Masters Wall – Phase One

The First Phase. I painted a base coat of brown then added some highlights of green and light brown. I used a sponge to apply the highlights then softened them with a dry brush. I applied the highlights in a random pattern that looked good to me.






Old Masters Wall – Phase Two

Phase Two. I added additional highlights of red. yellow, and dark brown. Again I used a sponge to apply the highlights and used a dry brush soften them up a bit. I also wanted more dark brown around the edges to provide some interior/exterior contrast. Again, I just applied the highlights randomly, just doing what looked good to me. I knew that if I did not like the finished product I would paint over it and start anew.






Old Masters Wall – The Final Phase

The Final Phase. I used the same basecoat of medium brown to provide a topcoat to the wall. I used a paintbrush to add small patches of the medium brown and then used a wet sponge to blend and soften brown patches. I would paint a small brown patch and then use the wet sponge in a swirling pattern. The end result was a this dulled finish look.






The Old Masters Wall in a Photograph

In Use. This is the “Old Masters” background in a photograph. The background provides such wonderful warm color and imagery. It is a great background for all kinds of portraits.







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