One of the favorite and most requested backdrops in my old studio was the Old Master’s Background. The Old Master’s Background can be seen in portraits such as Fairy Goddess, Grace and Poise, or Feeling Cozy

The Old Master’s Background was a background that I painted on one wall of the studio. The Making of the Old Masters Background was a post that described in detail how the background was made.

As I was departing the old studio and moving into my new studio location at 90 South Swan Street, Albany, NY, I wish I could have taken that wall with me. There was only one thing to do — make a new backdrop for the new studio. 

This fall, I am fortunate to have the assistance of an intern from the Hudson Valley Community College, Digital Media Arts Department. In addition to assisting me with photography and image processing, William has been getting some hands-on creative experience. Today, William assisted me in creating a new canvas studio backdrop. 

Making a hand-painted canvas photography backdrop is a special art. You must layer the right colors in the right order to achieve just the right look when a subject stands in front of the backdrop and the lights are triggered. There are subtleties to blending colors with just the right amount of paint and texture. 

In the series of images below, you get to see William and I crafting the new canvas studio backdrop. I just love the warm look of this new backdrop.

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