Every Photographer is Different

Every photographer has a different style. You can tell that photographer styles are different just by looking at and comparing their photographs. 

Some Different Photography Styles

Some photographers approach weddings as journalistic, focusing on documenting what is happening at a wedding or event. Other photographers are focused on creating formal portraits, where their main goal is to capture specific photographs of the bride and groom and their families in different standard poses. Still, other photographers work very hard to create staged fun poses of the wedding couple and wedding party. 

These styles result in great wedding photographs, and I have used all of these styles when photographing weddings. For a while, I struggled when trying to define the technique I used as a photographer. When you look through your lens as a photographer and focus and frame a shot, it is often more instinct than anything else. This is especially true when photographing a wedding. When photographing a live event, such as a wedding, you usually only have one chance to capture a memorable image. 

What did my Clients Say

Then, when talking to my clients and prospective clients about my photographs, one clear definition of my photographic style begin to emerge. Every client that visited my studio, every client that I talked to on the phone or by video conference, said the same thing. My current and prospective clients all said that my images were different from other photographers. They all said that they loved the way I captured the candid moments of a wedding. See some of the images my clients loved at The Best Wedding Images of 2019.

My Style of Photography

That was my style - candid photography. Somehow when looking through my lens and framing the shot, time after time, and probably on instinct, I snap wedding images that show the candid and tender moments of each loving couple. It could be a special smile, a unique look at each other, or a tender moment on the dance floor. Somehow I can see through all of the activity happening around the couple and focus on them. 

I could not be happier to have my clients define my photographic style as candid. Looking back at the tens of thousands of wedding photographs I have taken, I can see this candid style of photography. Sometimes a tag line is just a bunch of words. When you see “We Capture Your Cherished Candid Moments” on my webpage, it is more than just jargon; it is what I do - just ask my wedding clients. 

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