For some, the engagement experience in no longer a private affair.

The traditional proposal has often been an intimate moment between two individuals who are genuinely in love and committed to each other. One usually imagines the couple visiting a treasured and meaningful location that has some special significance. Perhaps the place where they first met, or a unique hideaway where they have spent hours discussing the hopes, wants, and dreams. One also imagines one partner getting down on a knee, pulling out an engagement ring, and asking that eternal question - will you marry me?

There are a host of examples of planned and public marriage proposals; the arena Jumbotron proposal, as well as, numerous cute public proposals where one partner is surprised at some large public gathering. With so many eyes looking at the couple, one has to hope that the answer will be yes as to avoid embarrassment for everyone.

Today, a new type of engagement experience is emerging. The modern engagement experience is more often a planned event, with friends and family invited to attend. A photographer is on hand to capture the special moment. The special moment when the eternal question is asked is pre-planned with everyone knowing their role and places. The whole idea of the modern engagement experience is to capture special memories with friends and family so that it can be shared with others on various social media channels.

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