In the artice, Six Things That Matter When Choosing a Photographer, you find out that a professional studio matters when selecting a professional photographer.  I invite you to visit our professional studio located at 90 South Swan Street, Albany, NY 12210.

A professional studio matters when selecting a photographer. Does the photographer work out of their home or a meet you at a local coffee shop? How committed is the photography to the art of photography, to their business, and to you? 

Our professional studio means that we have made a commitment to photography and to you.  We do not operate our photography business out of a home or coffee shop. We are photography and artistic professionals working in a space dedicated to meeting your needs. 

There are three parts to our studio, a comfortable meeting space, a dressing room, and a very large creative space. When you visit our studio, we want to feel at home and be comfortable discussing your vision and your needs. If you wish to relax on the couch, sit at the desk, or plop down in one of our other chairs, we want you to be at ease.

A private dressing is available for you. So often our clients bring several outfit changes for a photo or portrait session. It is not unusual for someone to carry in an armload of shirts, dresses, or tops and hang to hang them up in the dressing room. The dressing room is also a space where our makeup artists and hair stylists work to make you look your best. 

Our studio provides a beautiful, large, and open creative space. There are so many photographic and creative possibilities to capture images for your professional portrait, a family portrait, an engagement portrait, a fashion portrait, a senior portrait, and more! The studio is also a space where our creative team can expand their artistic talents. Whether it is hand painting a new backdrop, developing new props, shooting video, or recording audio, our studio is always filled with creative activities centered around making you look your best. 

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