Choosing a photographer can be an easy process for you. Here are some basic things to consider when you want to hire a photographer. Just so you know, we don’t think of this process as hiring a photographer, we think of it as a process of working together to capture your special memories. Each of our clients is distinctive, and we want you to feel special as we photograph you. 

      Here are the six things that matter most when choosing a photographer: 

      6. A Studio Matters 

      A professional studio matters when selecting a photographer. Does the photographer work out of their home or a meet you at a local coffee shop? How committed is the photography to the art of photography, to their business, and to you? 

      Our professional studio means that we have made a commitment to photography and to you.  We do not operate our photography business out of a home or coffee shop. We are photography and artistic professionals working in a space dedicated to meeting your needs. 

      There are three parts to our studio, a comfortable meeting space, a dressing room, and a very large creative space. When you visit our studio, we want to feel at home and be comfortable discussing your vision and your needs. If you wish to relax on the couch, sit at the desk, or plop down in one of our other chairs, we want you to be at ease.

      A private dressing is available for you. So often our clients bring several outfit changes for a photo or portrait session. It is not unusual for someone to carry in an armload of shirts, dresses, or tops and hang to hang them up in the dressing room. The dressing room is also a space where our makeup artists and hair stylists work to make you look your best. 

      Our studio provides a beautiful, large, and open creative space. There are so many photographic and creative possibilities to capture images for your professional portrait, a family portrait, an engagement portrait, a fashion portrait, a senior portrait, and more! The studio is also a space where our creative team can expand their artistic talents. Whether it is hand painting a new backdrop, developing new props, shooting video, or recording audio, our studio is always filled with creative activities centered around making you look your best. 

      5. Location Matters

      Studio location matters. If the photographer has a studio, where is it located? Is it far away from other artists, or is it near a thriving community of artists? What is around the studio? Are there great on-location backgrounds and buildings that inspire you?

      When we selected the current studio location, we were so excited about its location. You can just walk out the door of the studio in into a rich historic and architecturally stunning area. At our studio location, there are historic buildings, architectural marvels, parks, and flowers.   

      Our photography studio is located right on the southwest corner of West Capital Park. In addition to what can be created in the studio, this historic and architecturally rich area provides beautiful backdrops for professional portraits, couple portraits, senior portraits, family portraits, engagement portraits, and wedding portraits. The West Capital Park Photo Shoot shows how the local historic buildings can be used for portraits. 

      4. A Creative Team Matters 

      Are you hiring a photographer or a creative vision? Is your photographer a photographer just because they have a camera or are they a photographer because they inspire other artists to collaborate with them? 

      Our studio located near the heart of the Albany, NY arts district. Artistic creativity lives and thrives all around and in our studio. Ken’s Portrait Photography has a collaborative team of creative artists all working to make you look your best. We have an array of photographers, videographers, makeup artists, and hair stylists who are ready to meet your photographic and artistic needs. 

      When I created Ken’s Portrait Photography, I had a vision of a collaborative and creative photography studio. It is a creative vision that has been realized, and that continues to grow and flourish every day. To me, photography is an art form. It is not just capturing an image in the camera lens, but taking that image and making into something more.

      As a photographic artist, I am always pushing myself and my studio contributors to do more, to be better, and to expand our creativity. Whether it is adjusting an image in post-production or getting a creative team together for a large production shoot, I always want to create a better image today than I did yesterday.

      3. Awards Matter 

      Has your photographer won any awards and why do awards matter? Photographic competitions are a way that a photographer can improve their craft and artistry. When you enter a photographic competition you are not simply sending in a photo that was taken.

      Entering and competing in a photographic competition represents hours of work and preparation. It means that the photographic artist has created an image, worked to refine that image, edited it, and changed it to look unique and to be the best image possible. Winning an award for an entered image means that other master photographers have reviewed the image, judged it against other images, and found it worthy of merit. 

      Photographers who enter photographic competitions become better photographers and better artists. That is why we participate in and enter state-wide, national, and international photographic competitions. We want to better ourselves. We strive to become the best artists we can be. When we are at our best, we are able to deliver exceptional images of you. 

      2. Professional Memberships Matter 

      Does your photographer belong to any professional photography associations?  Belonging to and participating in professional photography associates demonstrates a strong commitment to improving your business and your artistry. Many professional photography associations offer training in photographic techniques, lighting, posing, as well as, the business of photography. 

      That is why we at Ken’s Portrait Photography are members of national, state, and local professional photography associations. We are members of the Professional Photographers of America, the Professional Photographers Society of New York State, and the local  Capital Champlain section of the Professional Photographers Society of New York State. 

      We regularly participate in artistic and graphic workshops, business training, and network with other photographers and artists. By participating in activities like the PPA Business Challenge, or a Capital Champlain workshop on Advanced Photoshop we are working to improve what we can do for you.

      1. People Matter 

      Of course people matter. Photography is a people business. Get to know your photographer before you hire them. 

      We want you to get to know us, and we want to get to know you. That is why all of our photographic services include a pre-shoot consultation and a post-shoot image review.  Our wedding packages all include a save the date session as well as pre-wedding bridal portrait. We do not want your wedding to be the first time we meet or the first time you are behind the camera. 

      We have a unique name for a wedding package. We call it your love story. A love story is more than a collection of wedding photographs. A love story is about connections between two people in love and the friends and family who helped them celebrate their love. That is what we want to capture for you, your connection, the love between two people. 

      Six Things That Matter to Us

      We hope that you have enjoyed reading the Six Things That Matter When Choosing a Photographer. As you can guess, these are also the top six things that matter to us as we work to deliver the best possible images to you that we can. Thank you for visiting. Ken 

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