Amanda and Joseph had the loveliest, most intimate wedding at a church in Kingston, New York. Although larger weddings have more guests, intimate weddings still create the same level of joy. Intimate weddings have their own kind of magic! We get to focus entirely on the bride and groom. From those heartfelt getting ready moments and stunning bridal portraits to the timeless, classic wedding moments, Amanda and Joseph's wedding was a truly beautiful and heartfelt celebration.

Getting-Ready Moments With The Bride

It was a joy to begin the day at Amanda's home, where we photographed her getting ready. Amanda was an absolute vision in her exquisite wedding dress. Her hair was elegantly styled and adorned with lovely flowers. The veil featured intricate beadwork, adding a subtle sparkle to her overall look. Amanda looked truly phenomenal, a perfect blend of grace and confidence.

After photographing Amanda in her final look, we stepped outdoors for some more breathtaking bridal portraits. To our surprise, Amanda's parents had arranged for a classic 1964 Chevy Bel Air, ready to transport her to the church. We must say, her parents know how to make a statement! This cool vintage car not only added a touch of style to the occasion but also gave the whole wedding a charming old-school vibe.

The Chevy, painted in black, created a striking contrast against the lush green surroundings. Although the weather forecast had predicted rain all day, it held off long enough for us to capture some captivating shots with this classy car. After documenting Amada’s solo portraits, it was time for her to walk down the aisle.

Amanda And Joseph's Intimate Wedding At St. Joseph's Church

Amanda and Joseph's wedding ceremony was pure magic! Joseph, looking incredibly dashing in his stylish blue suit, eagerly awaited Amanda's grand entrance. The church was bathed in a warm, golden glow from the soft yellow lights and flickering candles, creating a serene ambiance. The altar was decorated with flowers that matched the bride’s bouquet, setting the stage for the couple’s heartfelt vows. As the priest pronounced them husband and wife, Amanda and Joseph beamed with happiness and sealed their marriage with a sweet kiss!

As we stepped outside after the ceremony, it started to pour. But nothing could dampen Amanda and Joseph's spirits on their special day! We quickly headed indoors and captured some classic family photos inside the cozy church. However, we couldn't resist the adventure that awaited us outside. As experienced wedding photographers, we always have a couple of clear bubble umbrellas with us for unexpected showers. And guess what? Amanda's mother had the same idea and brought two umbrellas.

We ventured outside, armed with umbrellas and big smiles, ready to capture some magical moments. Amanda and Joseph were absolute rock stars as they embraced the rain with open arms. This was one of our favorite moments from their wedding day, and we got some incredible shots of the couple enjoying their day, raindrops and all.

Following the delightful couples portraits, we walked just two short blocks to Le Canard Enchaine, where Amanda and Joseph's wedding reception took place. This charming venue was absolutely perfect for their intimate celebration, offering outstanding food and top-notch service. The staff went above and beyond to ensure that every detail was taken care of, making the evening truly special for Amanda, Joseph, and their loved ones.

Weddings With Ken Clough Photography

Amanda and Joseph, we are grateful for selecting us to capture your wedding day. It was a remarkable occasion filled with cherished memories, and we are delighted to have been a part of it. Once again, congratulations on your wedding, and we wish you a joyful and fulfilling married life. If you or someone you know is looking for a wedding photographer, you can contact us right away. You can also send us an email or visit our website for more details. To explore more of our work, you can head on to Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

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