Sunday Focus on Fashion by Ken's Portrait Photography. Vintage fashion photo session in Albany, NY

Lori and Jill were back in the studio again last Sunday. You may remember Lori from the previous fashion portrait session Vintage Flair. Jill did a fantastic job preparing Lori’s makeup and hair. 

In this image, Jill is performing some final makeup adjustments on Lori just before the outdoor portion of the fashion portrait session. 

In the next image, we see Jill fixing Lori’s hair as we returned to begin the indoor studio shoot.

Ken’s Portrait Photography offers a Fashion Portrait Experience that includes an initial consultation, two hours of in studio or on-location photography, a personalized image review session. The Fashion Portrait Experience can also include hair and makeup artistry like you see in these images. 

My photography studio is located right on the southwest corner of West Capital Park. In addition to what can be created in the studio, this historic and architecturally rich area provides beautiful backdrops for professional portraits, couple portraits, senior portraits, family portraits, engagement portraits, and wedding portraits. 


Model: Lori Dowling  

Hair and Makeup: Jill Clark

Photographer: Ken Clough

Location: Ken’s Portrait Photography Studio at 90 South Swan Street, Albany, NY 12210 

About Ken’s Portrait Photography 

Ken’s Portrait Photography is an award-winning photography studio located near the heart of the Albany, NY arts district. The aim of Ken’s Portrait Photography is to capture the artistic imagery of the authentic you. I want to create an image of you that is a warm, expressive, genuine, natural and artistic expression of who you really are. I have a genuine, detailed, and artistic approach to photography. I would be grateful to have a conversation about your photography needs. 

Contact me at or at (518) 618-2064 so we can capture some of your moments and memories for sharing.


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