As photographers, we understand weddings and other events take a lot of planning which makes it all the more precious for us to capture these memories for you. Our goal is to document your cherished moments in such a way that you are able to look back and remember all the laughter, love, and joy that made your day so unique. And that's why at Ken Clough Photography, we also offer videography services to make sure your magical day is remembered in its most pristine form. 

Let us record your unforgettable memories so that you can relive them anytime you want! Our videography isn't just limited to capturing moments, but we try to put together a beautiful story. Capturing the tears and laughter, the stunning decorations, and even your guests having a memorable time - all of it creates an art piece you will cherish forever. So don’t let your day become a blur! Contact us to capture your perfect memories.

My Video-Making Inspiration Story

Everyone has their own passions and I knew early on that mine was in the art of movie-making. My story starts with buying my first 35mm camera when I was just 16 and went on to make my first movie! Just like every other teenager, I was inspired by the epic American space opera - Star Wars. I bought an 8mm move camera at a garage sale with dreams of shooting my own space drama. I built a set with the interior of a spaceship in my basement. My little brother was the actor and subject of the movie. I built several models of spaceships out of old vacuum cleaner parts and filmed the exterior shots outside in our backyard. 

Next, I edited the movie together and added special effects for the laser beams by scratching the film and using different colored magic markers for the different laser beams. I called the movie "Galaxy V." I thought it was pretty good for what I had available at the time! Years later, I converted the film version to digital and uploaded it to the internet for all to see. I have gotten a lot better since I was 16, but my passion for making something exciting and unique in video form still drives me today. The final cut of Galaxy V can still be viewed today. 

Event Videography Services By Ken Clough Photography

We are an award-winning and internationally recognized photography studio that also captures and produces great videography. We can capture your wedding or event on video and edit it to create a one-minute highlight video, a five-minute highlight video, or even a twenty-minute video - we can do almost anything you want! 

We will work with you to create a spectacular video of your event or wedding that you will treasure for a lifetime. Just like our photography, we 100% guarantee that we will go the extra mile for you. To us, photography and videography are expressions of art. We know it's important to record life's fleeting moments, be they big or small, and we also recognize the power of bringing your memories to life with our art.   Our creative team is all about pushing the boundaries, not only in terms of the techniques we use but also in the experience we create.  

From adding extra effects to your video or adjusting an image in post-production, we pay attention to detail and create images or videos with exceptional quality. Our goal is always to create a truly memorable piece of art that is sure to leave you mesmerized and inspired!

Celebrate Your Special Event With Ken Clough Photography

If you or someone you know is looking for a wedding and events photographer or videographer, you can contact us. You can also send us an email or visit our website for more details. To see more of our work, you take a look at Lori and Chris's Highlight Video, Faith and Luke’s Highlight Video, or Melanie and Christian’s Wedding Teaser Video. You can also head to our  Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest for more details.

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