To me, wedding photography is more than just taking pictures on a wedding day. I have recently expanded my standard wedding photography packages to include several pre-wedding photo sessions. I now include a “Save the Date” photo session and a special bride and groom portrait session on a date other than the wedding day.

The day of a wedding is such a hectic time, with relatives, friends, and family all gathered around. There are the wedding preparations, the ceremony, the reception, and of course the travel time between all of the events and venues. Planning out all of the photos on a shot list requires extensive preparations and planning.

Even with all of the planning and preparations, someone always seems missing from the shot when it is their time. A car may be late coming from another venue. Someone may be chatting and catching up with friends and family they have not seen in a long time. It can create a stressful time for the bride and groom when there are specified times for a ceremony or dinner service.

To help alleviate some of that stress, I have begun offering a special bride and groom portrait about a week before the wedding date. This special time is for the bride and groom to relax without the pressure of the wedding day so that I can photograph them at their best. No family members are fussing over you and no looming timelines to worry about. It becomes a little wedding dress rehearsal.

I also offer a “Save the Date” or engagement photo session with each wedding photography package. This is a special photo session because it is all about you. Before the wedding, before the families show up, before the guest list is determined, it was about two people who care enough about each other to get married. The “Save the Date” portrait becomes a reminder of how the journey all began. It began with you.

So, wedding photography is more than just taking pictures at a wedding. To me, wedding photography is about chronicling your story. The story and the photography, like you, begins long before the wedding date. Of course, lots of pictures are taken on your wedding day, and I will work to capture every special image you want. But I want to make sure that the most special of images are taken first.

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The aim of Ken’s Portrait Photography is to capture the artistic imagery of the authentic you. I want to create an image of you that is a warm, expressive, genuine, natural and artistic expression of who you really are. I have a genuine, detailed, and artistic approach to photography. I would be grateful to have a conversation about your photography needs. 

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