West Capital Park in Albany, NY is a fabulous area for on-location photography. My new photography studio is located right on the southwest corner of West Capital Park. I recently had the opportunity to photograph Christiana around West Capital Park and was able to capture these beautiful images. In the image above, Christiana is standing near one of the great columns of the New York State Education Building. The elegant Calvin Klein dress Christiana is wearing adds another level of sophistication to her poise and beauty. 

In the next image, Christiana is posed on the porch of the New York State Capital Building

In this last image of the West Capital Park photo shoot, Christiana is lounging on a small wall that is part of the Legislative Office Building. Her red hair and elegant Calvin Klein dress provide a clear contrast from the white marble that makes up the Legislative Office Building. 

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Ken’s Portrait Photography is an award-winning photography studio located near the heart of the Albany, NY arts district. The aim of Ken’s Portrait Photography is to capture the artistic imagery of the authentic you. I want to create an image of you that is a warm, expressive, genuine, natural and artistic expression of who you really are. I have a genuine, detailed, and artistic approach to photography. I would be grateful to have a conversation about your photography needs. 

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