Your Wedding is Special

      We Capture Your Cherished Candid Moments


      We Capture Your Cherished Candid Moments

      At Ken’s Portrait Photography we are all about capturing the details of your special day exactly as they are and preserving your valuable memories for years to come. While you enjoy every precious moment as it’s happening, we are working quietly in the background, taking candid photos of your ceremony, reception, and friends and loved ones as they celebrate with you. 

      All of our images are of the highest quality and minimally processed to preserve the natural beauty and authenticity of your wedding day memories. Each finished photo will be a beautiful record of those special moments that you can cherish for a lifetime. 

      Your Love Story is Unique

      Let’s design your unique wedding photography experience together. Let’s take some great photos of you! Ken’s Portrait Photography can be your guide to great photography.

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      Contact Ken’s Portrait Photography today. Let’s get started capturing your special memories. Ken’s Portrait Photography is your guide to great photography.

      We capture your cherished candid moments.